AtCor Medical Service & Support Request Form

(DCN:101804 Rev3.0)

Please complete the form below and press Submit. The Form will be sent to AtCor Head Office for processing. Please complete as many fields as possible and provide as much detail as you can to assist us in providing a timely response.

Operators Manual: If you are seeking a hard copy of your products operators manual, please complete the mandatory sections of this form and state you would like a hard copy of the manual in the Describe the issue box below.

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Request Information:

Describe the Issue* Describe in sufficient detail the problem or issue, when and how the problem occurs. Include any error codes, messages, etc.
What steps have been taken to resolve or attempt to resolve the issue?
e.g. Power cycling of the device, reinstalling software etc.

Site Details:

This section is not mandatory however this detail is greatly appreciated to assist our technical team.

Is the computer used with the device a dedicated SphygmoCor PC?  
Is the computer connected to the internet while using SphygmoCor?  
Specify if there were any other equipment in close proximity to the device when the fault appeared. MRI, patient monitors, heaters, Air Conditioning etc..
Describe the procedure that was followed for taking a measurement when the fault appeared.  
Average number of measurements taken per week  
Typical measurement protocol  
Number of operators  
Years/Months device at this site  
Type of environment? e.g. Physician's Office, Clinical, Hospital, etc.
Is the location air conditioned?  

SphygmoCor Log / PC Files:

Log files provide valuable information for troubleshooting software and module related problems and allow us to identifying issues and providing a quick response. Please attached the log files from your SphygmoCor software. The following locations need to be zipped and attached below.

CVMS V8 Software (zip up the 3 files)

C:\Program Files\AtCor\SphygmoCor CvMS\System\scor.log

C:\Program Files\AtCor\SphygmoCor CvMS\sinstall.txt

C:\Program Files\AtCor\SphygmoCor CvMS\install.log

CVMS V9 Software (zip up the 3 files)

C:\AtCor\SphygmoCor CvMS V9\System\scor.log

C:\AtCor\SphygmoCor CvMS V9\sinstall.txt

C:\AtCor\SphygmoCor CvMS V9\install.log

XCEL V1.X Software (zip up logs and config folders)



For any issues where the PC is suspected the cause or contributing to the cause e.g. freezing, slow processing or software errors, please attach the msinfo file from the customer.Zip the file and attached below.

The msinfo file can be created by following these steps:

  1. Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories. Select Command Prompt
  2. Type msinfo32 /report c:\msinfo.nfo
  3. Navigate to the c:\ and a msinfo.nfo file should be present. Attach this file below.
Attach Files (Max 10MB. Please zip files prior to attaching)  
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